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The Sly Governess


Something is going on at Hawthorne Manor...

When a crippling debt forces the Stafford siblings to sell their home, Mary leaves her life of luxury to take up the position of Governess for the eccentric Hawthorne family.  


With rumours of her new employer being involved in the black market and sightings of pirates raging through the Ton - Mary must tread carefully least she brings further shame upon her family.

However, she soon learns that the daring Duke Hawthorne is not what the rumours make him out to be. As they grow closer and discover more of each other's secrets, she finds the desire to return home begginning to fade with each discovery.

The Reluctant Mistress


Nothing is as it seems...

Now that her family is out of debt and her courtship presumably over, Lady Jayne Stafford was finally free to contribute to her family's business. The dull future of marriage to the Baron of Rosslyn no longer a necessary evil to care for her sister's well being.

Until the headstrong Lord Rosslyn himself arrives on the doorstep of Stafford Hall, demanding an explanation for her lack of correspondence in the middle of the worst winter England has seen in years.

Now forced to spend time with the man until the weather clears, Jayne finds herself staying as far from him as the cramped Hall allows. Only drawing closer after unveiling the truth behind his actions for the past twenty years.

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